Just to prove that everyone is shit

Here’s the cringe-worthy summary of my ff.net page. I haven’t updated it in years (obviously) but when I was reading my absolutely awful fanfic, I went onto my page and laughed my head off.

My name is cassie.

I’m 13 years old.

Apparently, my reading/writing/speaking level is that of a 17 year old’s, so i get along better with older people than with people my age or younger.

I’ve been writing since as far back as i can remember.

In year 3, i wrote a saga of spy stories, involving the whole class, and my teacher was our spy master. Kinda like Charlie’s Angels, except there were 26 of us, boys and girls, and we were less hard core.

In kindy i always got into trouble for writing when it was reading time.

Sometimes, i randomly get inspiration when looking at my plastic ponies.

Other times, like with my Whofic, Stolen, i dream things, then transcribe those dreams into a story.

I got the idea for Fire and Ice when i saw Sozins Comet: Part 4 early in 2009. When i had first started watching A:TLA, it was with my cousin, a fellow Zutarian. So natrually, when i saw the Kataang kiss, a lightbulb when off in my head to write the wrong (geddit? ‘write’ instead of ‘right’? Ha…ha…?) that had happened there. And so, Fire and ice was born.

My Fics


Fire and Ice- Zutara. Taang. When the Fire Lord comes to visit with news his father has escaped from prison, a weight settles down upon everyone. But Katara is drawn to Zuko, and the consequences of their love are strewn far and wide… 12,00 words. 30 pages. 11 parts so far. About three quarters of the way through.

Dr. Who

Stolen- In the year 3050, a 15-year-old runaway by the name of Sophie Miller meets her childhood hero, the Doctor, only to find that the adventure they get caught in is less than glamorous. 4 parts. Based on a dream. Complete and uploaded! Check it out :P

Soon Comes Rain- After the Doctor reunited Sophie Miller with her birth parents, he left. But now, 7 years later, he’s back. And when they discover what Sophie really is, it all begins to fall apart. 2 parts so far. Barely even started. Not uploaded to FF. net.


Kuro- the story of a wolf- Kuro has left his parent pack behind and tries to start a new life by himself. But Anya and Arko complicate things… 1 part. Barely even started.

You’re welcome.

(Yeah, I wrote a fucking fanfiction about a wolf)

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